The Gnogon Age Begins

4 min readDec 15, 2021

Long ago…before mankind dwelt on the face of this planet, there existed a previous supremely intelligent apex predator: Dragons. These beasts were as wise as they were devastatingly destructive. From all corners of the world, nature had exploded her creativity onto her canvas…many types of dragons were found in the old days.

Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Ether, Alloys, Plant, Decay, Spirit, Fear, Moon, and Sun. These were the natural elements on which all Dragon Law & Order were built and established. Balance, Chaos, Order, but most of all, Life. Out of this life came Creativity, Love, Pride, Ego, Conflict, and Greed. The Dragon Society expanded across all the Earth until there stood no other creature that could withstand her power and influence. Such success led to a fractionalizing within the power elite, and thus began another superpower’s descent into its inevitable doom.

But there remained an elite group of Dragons who saw it all coming and prepared centuries for the new age to come. When the meteors came, 99.99% of all Dragons bickered and quarreled over what to do, until the end overtook them quickly. But the select few decided to band together, and combine all of their mystical powers. They decided to sacrifice their remaining strength to fuse their collective spirits into a single being, and thus was born was the Blockchain Trilemma. To pass on the virtues and values that help all creatures live in wisdom and truth, these last remaining dragons sacrificed their lives so that the future could be better than the past. These legendary heroes live on in Gnogen’s newest storyline as GNOGONS.

9,970 Gnogons have been randomly generated by a computer program. 30 Gnogons have hand-selected traits to bring the audience killer color combinations that will no doubt have their place in Gnogon Lore. 10,000 Gnogons enter the Metaverse and they’re flying on the fastest blockchain in the world: the Elrond Network.

What happens when community meets art, utility, brand, partnerships, collaborations, international Gnogencon 2022, collectibility, PvP battling, Gnogon Racing, a state-of-the art ESDT/NFT metadata standard, all running on a blockchain that has 15,000 tps with fees in the pennies? Let’s all find out. Together.

If you missed the Emidas Genesis Collection, this is your chance to get in on another classic foundational Gnogen Studios NFT Collection. Each Gnogon costs 0.4 EGLD and will come with 500 $GNG tokens + 1 NFT which grants exclusive rights to 1 parcel of land in the Gnogen Metaverse to come (10,000 parcels will ever be created).

We’ve also recently added 1 more free NFT that will be given to the *future holder* of the Gnogons — whereas the 500 $GNG and the Virtual Land NFT will be gifted to the *original minter*. The GNG gift will be automatically sent to wallets shortly after the 10K sells out, with the Virtual Land NFT being in development for a January 2022 airdrop.

What can you do with your Gnogon?

  1. Make a print and hang it up where you want to have some original Gnogen artwork (can make for an interesting conversational entry into NFTs for guests)
  2. Purchase an NFT frame to physically display your Gnogon
  3. Use it to win GNG in future metaverse contests
  4. Enter Gnogon racing competitions
  5. Fight your Gnogon against other players’ Gnogons
  6. Fuse/Evolve 2 or more Gnogons into a Supreme Gnogon(coming Q4 2022)
  7. Supercharge your virtual land plot. All wallets that keep the land NFT in the same wallet as the original Gnogon that it came with, will receive power-ups and boosts.
  8. Trade and Collect them
  9. Gift them to people you care about and want to share the love of NFTs with

(All future use cases for Gnogons will be decided via voting among all verified holders. )

December 15th, 2021 “The Dragon Chooses The Master