Gnogen Comics RETURN With Doga: The 2nd Supreme Hero

2 min readJul 5, 2022

Dogs are man's best friends. But what happens when a dog gets lost and has to find her way back home?

Announcing our newest mint, The Doga Genesis Collection

-Randomized Power Scores
-1,000 Minted Each Act
-Whitelist: Snapshots of Emidas NFT holders have already been taken for this collection’s whitelist

Whitelisted wallets can purchase 1 NFT per Act for 0.5 EGLD each from the shop page on our website once the sale goes live.

For all others looking to collect the DOGE-inspired NFT, we have prepared a lottery NFT sale system, that randomly selects both the winner and the NFT sent to that winner.

For each Emidas NFT you own, you may purchase 4 tickets, meaning if you own 8 Emidas NFTs, you can purchase 32 tickets at 0.5 EGLD each. The system will only allow wallets to mint no more than 2 max per Act. All losing tickets will return their EGLD to the wallet for claiming.

We will announce the dates and times shortly in the following week.

For those who do not own an Emidas NFT, you may purchase 2 lottery tickets at 0.5 EGLD each. We have grown tremendously since we sold out roughly 180 NFTs for each Emidas Act, and we are still learning how to best manage in-demand drops. We will try this system out for the Doga Collection and determine how best to fine-tune it for future releases.

Here’s a sneak peek of Doga Act 1