EMIDAS Act 2: Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

1 min readSep 19, 2021

“Emidas, we don’t have time for this! Why have you brought us to this strange place?! We have always placed our trust in you, but our people will be invaded at a moment’s notice! Tell us why we have come here!”

Mesmerized by the glowing aura that had enveloped him, Emidas could hear nothing but pitch silence.

“EMIDAS! Our families, our homes…all our village cries out to us, even from here!”

“We cannot tarry here any longer! We must go back!”

Knowing this is what the mysterious letter had brought him to, Emidas grips the handle with all his might and begins to drag the sword from the stone.

Bit by bit, the sword appears to listen! His eyes grow wider as the beast begins to glow. As if it were waiting for its master, the sword slides out and activates.

Seven shards of bright light surround Emidas. A shield appears suddenly, fixated onto his left arm. A blinding light emits from Emidas’ entire body — the men around stutter back and shield their eyes in terror.

When the light dissipates, things slowly come into focus. Standing before them, they see Emidas glowing, electricity coursing throughout his body.

Emidas turns to them with a gaze they had never seen before. “With this power, we will save our people and deliver them from evil. Let us make haste. The battle of our lives awaits.”