Doga Act 7: Time Waits For No Dog

4 min readNov 7, 2022

Doga jumps off the rocket as It makes its descent, making a hero landing upon the dry, lifeless surface of the Moon. Japanese Intelligence radios to let her know there are strange thermal energy signals coming from the Tycho Crater. “Approach with caution,” they say, “prior attempts to reach the signal were dismantled before our equipment could reach the site. We may be dealing with an unknown hostile entity.”

As she approached the edge of the colossal pit, her senses began to notice things…changing. The air grew thick with haze, the deep black sky illuminated itself with light waves Doga had never experienced before, and a sinister presence surrounded her. The radio goes silent as comms fail.

UNKNOWN VOICE: “Ha ha ha ha ha (a deep voice grumbles), you’re a long way from home, little one.”

DOGA: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog. I may look small, but it would be unwise to judge someone based on their size.”

UNKNOWN VOICE: “As it would also be unwise to judge an opponent before you even lay eyes on them.”

DOGA: “So show yourself. I’m here, aren’t I?! Who are you?!”

UNKNOWN VOICE: “As you wish…”

The center of the pit cracks open and a creature as tall as a skyscraper arises from the smoke.

UNKNOWN VOICE: “It is I, Lunarta, Ruler of the Moon Realm. Author of Nightmares. Engineer of tidal destruction. Child, there is little you can do here. The things that have been set in motion must and will come to pass. The Children of Men are near the breakpoint. The cleanse must come once again.”

DOGA: “What does that even mean? Humans have flaws, I have seen them firsthand. But they are capable of great good. They were given the gift of mastery over creation and are still finding their path.”

The Godlike being peers into Doga’s soul, and the stone on its forehead illuminates. Its eyes widen as the stone reads the contents of Doga’s life.

LUNARTA: “Ahh…I see…you are one of them.”

DOGA: “One…of who…?”

LUNARTA: “Have you met the Immortal?”

DOGA: “The who?”

LUNARTA: “It does not matter. If you are here, in this age, now — it means we are in the Immortal Age. It has begun. The Trilemma has chosen their side, as I have chosen mine.”

DOGA: “And what side is that?”

LUNARTA: “The Conquerer will arise to meet the Immortal. The Children of Men must face their day of reckoning.”

DOGA: “One of those Children of Men means very much to me, and I will not rest until I am reunited. I cannot allow you to proceed further. Your plans stop here.”

LUNARTA: “You overestimate yourself.”

The stone on the giant’s forehead instantly shoots searing plasma directly at Doga, as she barely dodges in time to jump out of the way. She could still feel the heat close to her cheek. That was too close, she thought.

Lunarta moved extremely fast for how massive it physically was. Punches, kicks and plasma beams seemed to come at Doga from all angles. The monstrous creature appeared to have an endurance that had no end. Eventually, a few attacks begin to land.

As Doga narrowly avoids another plasma beam, she quickly dodges to the side. Suddenly, she’s met with a thunderous slam of Lunarta’s hand, crushing Doga against the rocky lunar surface.

She stumbles back onto her feet, before she feels a warm liquid on their chin and paws. She’s coughing up blood and finds it hard to breath. Her fur is badly burnt in several places, and she can no longer see out of her left eye.

LUNARTA: “Do you know how many of your Japanese people I’ve killed? How many tsunamis I sent to that miserable island? How many mothers drowned clutching their children?”

The barrage of punches kept coming. Doga made weak attempts to dodge the attacks but could only manage to avoid direct critical hits. Dazed and concussed, Doga opens her good eye and only sees the stars. She has fallen down, and her entire body aches in agony as she lay motionless.

LUNARTA: “Nothing can compare to the first time I drowned them all, but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. It has been a while since I was allowed to have so much fun. The elderly, the strong men, the women, children, and all the animals that crawl about — I can’t wait to drown them all again.”

HACHIKO: “This is it Doga. Let it go. Let all of the pain and suffering you have endured, all your loneliness, all your fears, all your nights spent in tears, unleash it all right here. This creature must not be allowed to follow through on this threat. Rise Doga. Rewrite your destiny. Time waits for no dog.”

Doga’s eyes blast open. Green fire flows from her gaze as her wounds heal. Anger, sadness, loneliness, and fear collide within her indomitable spirit. Sparks ignite. Her power graduates to a new level. Doga has ascended and for the first time since the conversation started, Lunarta lets slip a look of doubt. A look of fear. A look of uncertainty.

Doga charges up. The Do Gooder in double saber bone form, roaring to fight. She moves at lightning speed and reappears right in front of Lunarta.

DOGA: “Again.”