Doga Act 6: To The Moon

2 min readOct 17, 2022

Doga was back for good. Kicking ass and taking names, she was transforming Tokyo back into the peaceful place it once was so long ago. The Other Mutants were no match for Doga. The training in her sanctuary had proven enough, along with Hachiko guiding the use of her new weapon Doga liked to call “The Do Gooder”, to prove Doga was just too much a match for her rivals. With each battle, she grew stronger. Pigs, Wolves, Dogs, Cats — it did not matter which animal chimera she faced, she took her opponents to the same result.

She would prowl the shadows of the night, and blend among the hustle of the city during the day. It was time to do good very differently. These animals were of an excessively violent nature and had to be dealt with by excessively violent means. The Do Gooder became a hammer fit for a Norse God before turning into Nunchucks that weighed 75 kgs each. Painful, calculated blows to the head were the quickest and most effective way to neutralize these wild creatures.

Each chimera was placed into a prison cell, hidden away in a remote location. She would find out what to do with them later…

Japan’s PSIA created a top-of-the-line facility for Japan’s otherworldly hero. Everything Doga wanted and needed was created into breathtaking architecture blending indoor and outdoor energy & serenity. Doga was smiling, and people were genuinely happy for her.

Our little puppy finally had some purpose. Her sensei Hachiko made her feel understood. Doga felt the years of loneliness thaw whenever she was out in battle. She felt Hachiko was the parent she never had; one she would do whatever she could to bring pride and honor to. Together, they were unstoppable. Thunder and a fighting ability that brought shock and horror to enemies, Doga became known throughout Asia as Hachiko 2.0. Tens of millions rallied worldwide supporting Doga the fighting dog. Doga was proud she was doing her part.

Just then, intelligence arrived with confirmed reports of alien activity on the Moon. Doga read the reports and felt something within her that called towards what was on the Moon. There was an uneasy feeling creeping on the back of her neck. She checked the international launch schedule of rockets launching to the Moon, hitched a ride, and waved “Sayonara!” to the Earth.

Here we go, she thought.

Doga to the Moon.