Doga Act 5: She’s Back

3 min readSep 26, 2022


DOGA: “Great Spirit, I followed your call to this place. May I ask why you have brought me here?”

HACHIKO: “Doga sweet child, come. Let us talk. I fear you have been lonely for far too long.”

DOGA: “I do not wish to be rude, but may I ask…are you who I think you are?”

HACHIKO (smiling pleasantly): “And who do you think I am? Take a guess child.”

DOGA: “You are the great Akita, Hachiko; the one who waited over 9 years for his master to return to Shibuya Station.”

HACHIKO: “It is nice to see the young ones still honoring those who have long passed. You are correct. I am Hachiko, and it is very nice to meet you finally.”

DOGA: “Pardon me Great Spirit, but why do you say it is nice to meet me? How have you come to know of me?”

HACHIKO: “After I died in the Earth Realm, the Great Architect granted me passage into Valhalla…It was there I met the other Great Spirits, and it was a joy to finally learn of what happened to my master. There I learned many things…of times past and of times yet to pass. There is a Great War coming unto your realm. An evil such as the world has never seen has been preparing for hundreds of years to come to Earth and change everything as you know it. There is a man here, Emidas, who has been alive for nearly just as long. He has also traveled an unbearably lonely path but he has miraculously remained youthful to this very day. He prepares Earth’s greatest warriors for the decisive battle that is to come.”

DOGA: “I have so many questions about what you have just described. First I am overjoyed your spirit was granted passage into Valhalla…your loyalty and bravery know no bounds. And of this talk of a Great War, it sounds terrifying…but…what role am I to play? I have become a mere mountain dog, passing the time rotting away in solitude.”

HACHIKO: “You are no ordinary dog. The prophecy foretells of a canine within the Seven. I believe with all my heart, that that canine is you.”

DOGA: “What is the Seven?”

HACHIKO: “The Oracles foretell of Seven Supreme Warriors that will lead humanity against the Oppressor. Divided, they will fall, but united, there is no limit to what they are capable of.”

DOGA: “What makes you think the canine is me?”

HACHIKO: “Everything that has happened to you has matched the prophecy thus far. The canine in question was to be separated from a God-like master. It was to be tested by a trial of fire. It was to be pushed unto the edge of death before being resurrected by a vicious bolt of lightning. It is said the Chosen Dog had its DNA altered by the Scientists of the Oppressor.”

DOGA: “I don’t know anything about fighting. I’ve only been taught to do good always.”

HACHIKO: “There comes a time when the only way to do good, is to fight. The world is entering a period of great suffering and restlessness. You must fulfill your destiny. You must fight.”

DOGA: “Great Spirit, with all due respect, surely you have the wrong dog.”

HACHIKO: “There is a fighting spirit already within you. Kneel before me, and receive this gift I have prepared for you.”

Hachiko stretches out his hands and calls forth Doga’s bone.

DOGA: “My favorite bone! It looks…different…”

HACHIKO: “When you take this bone, my spirit will henceforth dwell within it. You will be able to transform this bone into any weapon your imagination can think of. You will not be alone anymore. I will be with you.”

DOGA: “It is a great honor to have your presence by my side…what do I need to do now?”

HACHIKO: “We must make haste towards Tokyo. You were not the only animal the Scientists performed DNA modifications on. There are more like you. They are wreaking havoc throughout the city. We must go now.”

Doga takes the Bone, and Hachiko disappears; his essence enshrouding the bone with immeasurable power. The hairs on the back of her neck stand up, her eyes glow with newfound strength, and she races into the heart of Tokyo.

She’s back.