Doga Act 3: Find Your Voice

3 min readAug 30, 2022

DOGA: “What happened?…”

She can talk!
She can talk?!

Not just that, but suddenly her wounds had healed and she was feeling stronger than ever. Her fur felt tingly. Her paws had grown a strange new digit that allowed her to grip objects. Something wasn’t quite right here…

Rather than go back to Tokyo, Doga decided it was best to leave humanity behind and live quietly in the mountains. She had remembered animals with special talents being used to entertain other humans and wanted no part in living out the rest of her days in captivity. It was painful for a dog to stay away from others. But while she spent much-needed quiet time tucked away in the beautiful lands, she could hear troubled voices at all times of the day.

At first she thought her mind was playing tricks on her; voices of people and animals in distress called out, wondering if anyone out there would ever hear them. But the voices never stopped, and Doga became adept at decyphering the chorus of those in need of help.

DOGA: “Let’s just…ignore them. I nearly died the last time I tried to help. I think it’s better if I just laid back here.”

She had to make an effort to block out the noise and was eventually able to go about her days. She had become fast. Like, super fast. Mount Fuji had become her playground, and she was quickly mapping out the entire region on foot.

One day her whiskers sensed an unusual shift in air pressure. Ominous clouds formed throughout the land and she could feel something bad was coming this way. But she was safe in the mountains…“let’s just…ignore it,” she continued thinking.

As the morning passed and afternoon approached, the cries grew louder. They were different this time. Desperate. An entire city several kilometers away was in a dire emergency as a massive tsunami approached their village.

“Do only good always,” her favorite voice echoed in her heart.

She races down the mountainside, following the sirens of men, women, children, and pets to help guide her. She arrives to find a 50-meter wave creeping slowly but rapidly advancing towards the town and all its inhabitants.

DOGA: “Why did I have to come here? There’s nothing I can do in this situation!”

She considers leaving in order to at least escape with her life intact.


Her tail instinctively begins to wag. She digs her heels into the ground and unleashes her best bark toward the encroaching waves. A powerful aura emanates from her mouth, and she can visibly see the shockwaves her voice sends through the streets and up toward the tsunami. Her bark sends the waves back, splitting the forces, and leaving them harmless.

As the townspeople slowly began to open their doors to take a look outside, Doga is nowhere to be found.