Doga Act 2: Tough Times Make Tough Dog

3 min readAug 13, 2022

The nightmares never seemed to stop.

She was starting to remember more.

Those wretched tools. Those terrifying eyes. The cold steel beneath her small puppy frame. The broken heart from being separated from her master.

The bitterness was always the hardest to accept upon waking from these dreams. Because she DID have a master. She HAD a human who loved her with all his heart. It was all taken from her…and for what?

Doing only good always became harder by the day. The Earth and its inhabitants began to experience pains. People became more anxious. Animals became more agitated. Society was pulling apart at the seams. Greed and corruption began to change reality to its whims. Good became evil and evil became good. All of creation seemed to groan collectively. The climate grew hotter, the weather more unpredictable. Food and water became more expensive, and the theory that mankind is 3 meals away from all-out chaos, danced flirtatiously with countries around the world.

No longer did kind samaritans give treats or leftover food to the strays. No longer did the restaurant owner continue to ignore the animals hiding in the alleyway. Violent thugs prowled the night, seeking relief from their sorrows by inflicting them upon others. Doga’s days were filled with hunger and her nights with terror.

Her bones grew weaker. Her spirit began to fade. The beautiful golden coat that once protected her, began to thin. She left the city and went up into the mountains. She was seeking to find her final resting place.

She made her way up Mount Fuji, dragging her tired and tattered body up the trail. She found a nice area some ways up the mountain and looked out over all of Tokyo. The flowers were in bloom and the birds sang as they flew through the air. “Much wow,” she thought, “many beauty.”

From this far away humanity didn’t seem so bad she thought. She could hardly recognize the beauty of what was before her eyes, from the memories she acquired while living within the Neon City. Her eyes began to slowly gloss over as the life force began to leave her. She wondered why she was ever born if a life of disappointment was all that would await her. She wondered why her master never came to rescue her.

Suddenly she hears a whisper as clear as day! “Doga my sweet girl, rise,” a familiar voice calls.

Her eyes snap back to attention as she stares curiously into the distance. From the clear skies comes a lightning bolt from seemingly up above the clouds. 21 million volts of electricity course through Doga’s body - sending shockwaves down to her DNA and activating the powers that those big-eyed creatures had spliced into her all those years ago. Into the mountains a young dog went, and out returns something…different.