Aerovek Staking Agency & Aermes Community Update

  1. The Aermes NFT rewards will close the eligibility window for new delegators effective this past Friday, May 13th, 2022. It has come to our team’s attention that 164 Aermes Acts were bottled with wallets primarily stemming from a handful of source wallets. These botting addresses will not be eligible to receive any additional NFT rewards starting with Aermes Act 3. We will cap the number of Act 3 wallets using Friday’s snapshot, minus the botting wallets. Although there is no law against botting, Gnogen has made it clear on several occasions, that any NFTs that are free will only be eligible to those who do not game the system using bots/scripts.
  2. Moving forward, the Aerovek Staking Agency will continue to provide robust $EGLD and $AERO rewards to delegators, both old and new. We will continue to focus our efforts on building out the costly infrastructure needed to properly manage and run a growing number of nodes. As reward rates continue to vary as nodes enter the queue and begin to be accepted into active status, we are committed to growing as a Staking Agency, and one that is dedicated to our communities.
  3. Aermes Acts 3 through 7 are on schedule to be released before the end of May. Although we are confident in the ability to meet the timelines going forward (thanks to the wonderful additions we have made to our art team), we have not been successful at meeting deadlines as of late. That is why we are committed to offering an additional airdropped Aermes bonus act if we fail to meet this deadline.




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The official medium blog for the Gnogen Universe.

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